Shop Detailing

In addition to our core services, the Resonant team are experienced in structural steel shop detailing. This is where a building is drawn accurately in 3D at a scale of 1:1 with all necessary sections, beams, bolts, joins, welds, grades and finishes provided in detail via 2D drawings derived from the 3D model & a selection of comprehensive reports for fabricators.

Whether residential, rural, commercial, industrial or design we ensure accurate and in-depth detailing to advance your project.

Shop detailing services include;
  • 3D modelling of any type of steel structure from industrial and commercial buildings or projects using Tekla Structures.
  • 2D shop drawings using Tekla Structures for use in shop, along with accurate marking plans and elevations for use out on site.
  • Steel Facades – Facades for buildings commercial and high rises
  • Proposal Drawings – initial drawings for proposed structures (design development of heavy steel connection)
  • Shop drawings for Structural steel on Seismic retro fixing / upgrades to older building bringing them up to code.
  • Accurate coordination of all shop RFI’s / design elements & Variations through Resonant Developed RFI log.