Rural, residential, industrial or commercial, Resonant can help you with your subdivision.

We provide Cadastral surveying for establishment or re-establishment of real property boundaries as well as topographical surveying to locate and map all natural or manmade surface features of the property. Our surveying experience extends to infill developments where Resonant can assess construction boundaries of additional dwellings onto an existing residential site.

Our experts will deliver the information you need to ensure each step of your subdivision project is planned correctly and on budget.

  • Kingsdale Park

  • Arena Court, Palmerston North

  • Pacific Drive

  • Pharazyn Street, Feilding

Kingsdale Park

The Kingsdale Park project required Resonant to develop a rural 120 lot subdivision 15 minutes from Palmerston North. This will be completed in 6 stages on a topographically challenging site.

  • 6 Stage Subdivision
  • Consents
  • Preparation of Titles & Survey Plans
  • Land Information Lodgement
  • Surveying and Pegging Boundaries
  • Services Preparation
  • Contract Observation
  • Contract Administration

Arena Court, Palmerston North

Arena Court is a 15 Lot Subdivision in central Palmerston North. Resonant were involved in the design and consenting of the subdivision which included incorporating urban design principles, design of roading and services and tendering and managing the contract works.

  • 15 Lot Subdivision
  • Design
  • Consents
  • Design Roading and Services

Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive is a Large 200 lot residential sub-division in Palmerston North. This project was completed in 7 stages within a sensitive earthworks environment that required quality erosion and sediment control measure. Our team led the civil and stormwater design, consent planning and overall project management from tender through to completion.

  • 7 Stage Subdivision
  • 200 Lot Residential
  • Design Roading and Services
  • Preparation Construction Plans
  • Erosion and Sediment Plans
  • Consent Applications
  • Stormwater Design
  • Project Management

Pharazyn Street, Feilding

Resonant was engaged to lead the design and consenting of a large 120 lot residential subdivision on the eastern edge of Feilding, Manawatu. The work included incorporating urban design principles, design of roading and services and tendering and management of the contract works. This subdivision is being completed in 7 stages.

  • 120 Lot Subdivision
  • Design
  • Consents
  • Roading and Services
  • Tenders
  • Contract Works
  • 7 Stages